Our generic brand pregnancy has cost less than $1 a strip and doesn't compromise on accuracy- with an accuracy of greater than 99.9%. Like most early pregnancy tests, it tests for human chorionic gonadrotropin (hGC) hormone levels produced by the placenta. It is a lateral flow immunoassay that tests for the presence of hCG in urine. For an accurate reading, you should test it on the day that you have missed your period. The test can detect hCG level as low as 10mIU/ml.

To use the test strip, pee into a clean plastic container. Dip the small test strip into the urine in a perpendicular manner making sure not to go over the "MAX" line on the strip. After 5-10 seconds, remove the strip and lay it flat on a surface such as the test wrapper. Wait 3-5 minutes and then read the results. The rapid test will show one of the following: positive (two lines), negative (one line), invalid (no lines or no control line).


Please Note: Due to the popularity of this product, expect a delay of up to a month.



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I love this

By: on 30 May 2023


By: on 25 April 2023
Thanks for the customer service. It finally arrived after some mix up at the post office. Wonderful product.


By: on 25 April 2023
Great price and does its job!


By: on 5 January 2023
Bought this and used it... guess who is pregnant! Extremely satisfied with how cheap this product is!

Easy to use

By: on 4 October 2022
I can't believe the price. I got a few and gave half to my sister in law who is trying to get pregnant. So easy to use and well priced

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