Our generic brand ovulation test has cost less than $1 a test and doesn't compromise on accuracy- with an accuracy of greater than 99%. Like most early ovulation tests, it tests for human luteinising hormone (LH) levels in urine. The level usually increases when ovulation happens- this is tknown as the LH surge. LH helps to push the egg into the final stages of maturity. The surge/spike happens about 36hrs before ovulation. The chances of pregancy increases when sperm are present in the fallopian tubes at the time of ovulation. So knowing when you are ovulating will increase your chance of falling pregnant. The ovulation strip can help you track this and increase your chances of conception. 

To use the test strip, pee into a clean plastic container. Dip the small test strip into the urine in a perpendicular manner making sure not to go over the "MAX" line on the strip. After 5 seconds, remove the strip and lay it flat on a surface such as the test wrapper. Wait 5 minutes and then read the results. The rapid test will show one of the following: positive (two lines), negative (one line), invalid (no lines or no control line).


Please Note: Due to the popularity of this product, expect a delay of up to a month.


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Works well

By: on 26 March 2023
Cheap and works well

It works!

By: on 5 January 2023

Easy to use

By: on 26 August 2022
This is so much more affordable than most tests out there. You get 20 so you can monitor the ovulation more accurately.

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