Cutting a baby or a toddler's hair has never been so easy! Stop going to the hair dresser and do it in the comfort and safety of you own home. The blades are protected by a suction tube that sucks up all unwanted hair and stores it in a compartment which can be easily disposed off. The hair trimmer is light weight and super easy to use. The trimmer produces a sound at low frequency so you can even cut your child's hair when they are asleep!  It can be washed easily in the sink as its water proof. Comes in white, pink or green. So get yours today! 


*Please note there is currently a high demand for this product so there might be delays. 


Dimensions: 47mm x 212 mm x 67mm

Colours: white/pink/green

Features: Waterproof, hair compartment, lightweight

Accessories: Three blades- bald, 3/6 and 9/12mm, USB charger, bib & brush

SKU 213368

Easy to use

By: on 21 June 2022

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