Rewards Points

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Just how does the Just Health Rewards Points system work? We're glad you asked!

Rewards points are earned every time you make a purchase over $20 at Just Health. The more you spend, the more you earn! Every point you earn is equal to 1 cent. Once you earn 100 points, you will have $1.00 to spend on your next purchase. Points are valid 90 days after you place your order.


Order Value Points Per Dollar Bonus Points Equivalent Discount
$20+ 2 0 2%
$50+ 2 20 2.5%
$100+ 3 50 3.5%
$150+ 4 75 4.5%
$200+ 5 300 6.5%
$300+ 6 450 7.5%



  • Every point you earn is worth one cent
  • Earn bonus points when your order reaches a certain amount

For example:

You place an order for $150. This will earn you 675 rewards points (4 x 150 = 600, plus 75 bonus points). This is the equivalent of $6.75 account credit which will be available for you to use on your next purchase. 

When your order has been paid and dispatched, you will receive an email telling you how many points you have earned, and when you log into your account (in the 'account home' page) - there will be a section titled 'vouchers/rewards' letting you know your points balance (675), and the equivalent dollar value you have to spend ($6.75).

The number of points you are going to earn will be shown just before you process your payment (see pic below)

To apply rewards points to an order, select how you would like to pay, then apply available balance



Some things to remember:

  • Reward points are valid for 90 days from date of purchase
  • Reward points are earned on every product, but not on postage
  • You need to be logged into your account to accumulate and redeem reward points, guest checkouts will not attract points