1 Pair Of Travel & Morning Sickness Anti-Nausea Bracelet Band

Ease your travel or morning sickness by putting pressure on pressure points that causes the nausea. These bands are made from eleastic composite material and can be easily worn without side effects. Wear it with the round button facing inside and press that against Neguan Acupoint on the wrist. The Neguan Acupoint is located three finger width down from the centre part of the wrist. To feel the full effect of the pressure point, press the round button for 1-2 minutes. This product is reusable and can be worn by anyone. If it is too tight stretch it out a little before use. Stop wearing it if it is cutting off your circulation. 


SKU 213494

Good alternative

By: on 5 January 2023
I wore this recently on our cruise trip as I suffer from nausea. It works well!


By: on 3 December 2022
I wear this all day and it seems to be working just fine for my morning sickness.

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